For bands seeking exposure in the hopes of one day enjoying fame it is a long and dusty road.  Afton does what a paid booking agent does and that is book bands shows with similar acts at clean established venues.  Since 1992 I have owned the Red Light Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia and for me it has been a blessing to have such professional people as the folks at Afton book logical shows that flow well and with the ultimate goal being the musicians worthwhile experience.

Bill Hoover

Owner & Manager

Red Light Cafe – Atlanta, GA


I am the booking manager and owner of The Rusty Nail Nightclub in Ardmore, Pa. (better known as The Nail) and host of Live at The Nail Radio Show for 13 years.  I have been patronizing our 60 year old nightclub for 25 years.  Our main goal is to promote music from original to covers.  I have experienced hundreds of bands and really enjoyed the artists and their show casing.  Being in the music and nightclub business one should associate themselves with any outlet they can.  My ” outlet ” was AFTON about 6 months ago.  This new relationship makes our goal of promoting music stronger.  The AFTON people have been courteous and professional throughout this venture. My main goal as an owner is treating all bands and acts with integrity. I believe AFTON has these same alignments.  So far our relationship has been a positive one and I look forward to promoting musical shows with them in the future.

Chris, aka “Big Daddy”

owner & booking manager

The Nail Nightclub – Philadelphia, PA


Afton has been a great addition to what the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis is about – a venue that welcomes both established acts as well as newcomers to the scene.  The Afton staff is prompt, flexible, realistic, and fair to the venue.  It provides a coherent format for performers to experience playing a legit room and sharing the evening with others seeking that experience.  My hat’s off to Afton!

Jason McLean

owner & general manager

Varsity Theater – Minneapolis, MN


Afton has done a great job giving bands live performing opportunities they would otherwise not receive.  Every Afton show we’ve done here has gone off without a hitch…very professional managed.

Bryan, Booking Manager

Mad Frog – Cincinnati, OH


Our venue, Bill’s Blues located in Evanston, IL – has been working with Afton for over two years.  This relationship has been beneficial to us both financially and artistically.  On the financial side, Afton has helped us to fill our club to capacity at times when we otherwise would have struggled to attract a handful of patrons.

On the artistic side, Afton has exposed us to many fine bands that we might not have seen without Afton’s efforts.  Several of these bands have returned to Bill’s to headline on their own nights.  The Afton representative working their shows has always been professional, responsible,,and curteous.

On the rare occassions that some question arose, I have always been able to quickly contact a senior staff member at Afton’s main office.  We fully expect to continue to work with Afton and expand their presence on our schedule.

Bill Gilmore
Bill’s Blues – Chicago, IL


The RED ROOM loves working with Afton!  They treat our venue with respect and their staff is always professional and courteous when dealing with RR staff.  Their shows bring excitement and generate interest in our venue.  They are truly a good fit for any venue interested in providing a platform for live local talent.  We wish we could do more Afton shows!

Shelly Henry, Manager
RED ROOM – Norman, OK


Afton does a great job of organizing local shows to help keep diverse music in our room.

Josh Billue
EXIT/IN – Nashville, TN


We have been booking Afton Shows for quite a while at Jet Lounge.  I enjoy working with Afton because every show is well organized. Also, every line up consist of motivated artist who will work really hard promoting each show.  The show managers also work really hard at every show to make each show run smooth… they do an excellent job as well!!!!

Christie Taylor
The Jet Lounge – Houston, TX


Opening Bell just celebrated it’s 6th year in business this year and opened a 2nd location in August 2008. It’s a beautiful space, twice as big as the original but with the economy taking a turn for the worse it wasn’t the best time to expand…!  But working with Afton has helped us during a very tough economy and brought us business we wouldn’t have. It was a great business decision. We are now talking about doing some shows at our original location. They are easy to work with and care about making sure things run smooth.  And being a big supporter of local musicians in the city I appreciate the chance they give musicians by working with Venues.

Pascale Hall – President, CEO
Opening Bell Coffee, Inc. – Dallas, TX


Meridian Houston (as well as RocBar) has hosted Afton Live events for the past several months and we are very happy to see the growth and consistency of their program..The organization is very easy and professional to work with…I look forward to many more events with Afton.
John Escamilla

Sr. Talent Buyer
The Meridian – Houston, TX
& The RocBar – Houston, TX


Afton is great to work with and they bring some of Nashville’s best local acts!

Jason, Talent Buyer
Limelight – Nashville, TN


[Afton] is extremely professional and have a good
grasp of the music industry.  It’s awesome that they give bands the tools to promote their music.

Jen & Logan
THE MUSE – Nashville, TN


My experience with Afton has been 100% positive. We appreciate all the great bands that play at Kick Butt Coffee now and before we starting working with Afton. Unfortunately, since we are a new business and not yet profitable, we are not able to pay these great bands. Afton is great because they fill an important role. They give an opportunity for great bands to earn money and get exposure. It is a win-win-win situation. Bands get exposure with a chance to get paid – Afton earns some by doing the booking/administration/logistic work – Kick Butt Coffee gets a larger audience which contributes to our sales and our longevity!  I definitely recommend Afton.

Thomas Gohring, Owner
Kick Butt Coffee – Austin, TX


Afton is a great company to deal with. They’re such a useful tool for clubs and bands alike, dedicated to putting great local talent in venues around the country.  As a club manager, it’s nice to be able to host an Afton show at my venue, and know it will be fun, energetic, and a success for everyone involved.  I hope to continue and grow our relationship even further in the coming years.

Erik Sorrenson, Manager
Trocaderos – Minneapolis, MN


Working and booking with Afton has always been a pleasure. They are a professional and well organized company that creates a great option to up and coming bands. Through their bookings, Afton provides bands with show opportunities that they may not have had the chance to play otherwise. I’ve seen many bands be able establish themselves because of Afton’s shows.

Nic Yannariello, Booking Manager
Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR


I and my staff enjoy working with Afton for a couple of reasons; First off we do many events with outside promotions as well as our own, it is hard to find groups that take the job serious as we do here at The Clubhouse, we find Afton do be a breath of fresh air when it comes to local shows.  Second Afton brings in bands that may not be able to get on our stage on their own, they always have great line ups and always have a pleasant staff working for them!!  They help bring the music scene a little closer, Great job guys!

Eugenia, Owner/ Promoter
The Clubhouse Music Venue – Tempe, AZ


As a venue owner, a reliable booking company is hard to find. Afton is the diamond in the rough! Not only is Afton a reliable company that consistently books good shows but, they also work with the venue to help find the shows that work best for YOUR venue! I have always found the Afton staff to be a pleasure to work with, from booking the show on the calendar to the night of, they really have a great system that works for putting people in your venue!
Chris Cottingham
Columbia City Theater – Seattle, WA


Wanted to express my thanks that working with Afton and the new bands they book along with newer audiences that we normally do not experience bring us a fresh demographic. The different genres make us more diverse and thus stronger in the local and regional music industry which ultimately is good for musicians and the scene.
Headhunters wishes to work with Afton Events in the future since the events have run smoothly and successfully.
Once again- Kelly (Afton Show Manager) did a great job scheduling and organizing the acts and taking in door and settling up with everyone as usual. We need more promoters in this business to help the music scene and she gives the title a more respectable name.
Head Hunters – Austin, TX

Club Retro Has always been about the local bands, and giving new bands chances, with Afton we see that you guys help us bring new acts in as well as support the scene… we are more than happy to continue doing shows with you, and would like to do even more in the future… thanks Afton…

Steve, Manager
CLUB RETRO – Sacramento, CA


Afton’s shows are typically great. Everything is well organized, all the acts are respectful, and the turnout is good. So all of us here at the venue are very happy and always looking forward to more Afton events in the future.

Walter, Booking
Trash Bar – New York, NY